8 easy ways to score theatre & concert tickets on the cheap

8 easy ways to score theatre & concert tickets on the cheap

City Nomads·2017-05-23 16:40

There’s nothing quite like seeing your favourite theatre group or band performing live on stage, but expensive tickets and the associated fees are a real downer, aren’t they? Looking for cheaper tickets can almost feel like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be one if you know how and where to look. For the best deals, read on for eight simple yet effective tips to saving money and plenty of heartaches. After all, what better time to check out Singapore’s booming theatre and music scene than now?

Cirque Adrenaline

Subscribe to newsletters for early bird offers

Singaporeans always have to be first, right? The best way to save on concert tickets is to make sure you’re always first to be in the know. Simply sign up to the mailing lists of popular ticketing outlets (e.g. SISTIC and Peatix) as well as your favourite theatre groups, festivals, bands, and artists. In most cases, presale and early bird tickets will be released far in advance of a show at discounted rates.

Take advantage of credit card discounts

As kiasu as it may be, research and planning are key when it comes to saving money. Look out for shows and performances that offer discounts and advance tickets to certain credit card holders.


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