Why 99 Bistro’s Bamboo Biryani upped the biryani game

Why 99 Bistro’s Bamboo Biryani upped the biryani game

Jobelle·2017-06-02 13:20

Bamboo biryani?

Well, to be honest prior to our visit to 99 Bistro we weren’t too sure what to expect either.

Nevertheless, mouthfuls of this biryani later we were convinced this changed the biryani game for us.

*Bandung Latte not included in set

Imported, whole lamb shank cooked to order

Firstly, freshly imported Australian lamb shank is used for a serving for bamboo biryani. Hari Balaji VR, business development analyst and resident marketer explains that every bamboo biryani is cooked to order. So, if you wish to order this bamboo biryani set, it's best to call and make a booking with them first.

Spices from Karachi, Pakistan and basmati rice from India are stuffed altogether into the huge bamboo, sealed with banana leaf.

They insist on cooking to every order so as to ensure the lamb shank you are eating is as fresh as it can be.

Indeed, there was a difference in meat quality. If you are one to worry about the gaminess of lamb, you can be assured that is none of that. The lamb shank was superbly tender, soft and as meaty as can be. We absolutely loved it!

One portion ($24, inclusive of drinks and dessert) is definitely good for two. It's humongous to say the least!

Pictured is the first drink, blueberry soda.

And we were honoured when 99 Bistro’s celebrity chef Syed Shah, best known for his Suria TV show Siapa Master? presented the bamboo biryani for us:

+10 points for presentation!

Special condiment

Nope, we are not taking about curry. Even before we settled down, they told us no curry would be served with the bamboo biryani as it tends to be overwhelming. And here at 99 Bistro, they will want you to savour the full flavour of their signature biryani. This is also them proudly declaring their biryani is freshly cooked.

Like all biryani, it comes with sides of Raita, a condiment of yoghurt with cucumber and carrots. Hari explains that this for people who would like to cool off from the spiciness.

Here is where things get special. Besides Raita, Salata Hara an Arabic Salsa is provided. This was easily my favourite - it was zesty, spicy and fresh. As an avid lover of salsa and all things spicy, it was definitely a good addition to the meal.

In the future, if anyone asks me to recommend a place with good biryani, I would point you to 99 Bistro & Kitchen.

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