5 different types of people you'll see at Singapore Pools

5 different types of people you'll see at Singapore Pools

Lottery·2017-06-20 13:04

If you’re the sort that bets regularly at various Singapore Pools outlets, you’ll notice that there are a few different types of regulars, from your corner coffeeshop uncle to the first timer! See if you can spot any of these on your next visit!

Coffeeshop uncle

The coffeeshop uncle is a staple fixture at your corner coffeeshop, usually surrounded with his squad, fellow uncles. They usually travel in a group and you will find them loudly discussing their wins or losses over a few large bottles of Tiger. You’ll see them at Singapore Pools queuing up and sharing tips on how to predict the next TOTO numbers!

Die hard regular

The die hard regular is the only person other than the cashier you recognise every time you visit Singapore Pools. All the employees know him by name and you say hi whenever you see him. The only days he’s not there are Tuesdays and Fridays as there aren’t any 4D or TOTO draws on those days.

First timer

On every visit to Singapore Pools, you’ll always see the first timer who has absolutely no clue what he’s doing. He’ll observe for a long time before placing his bets and may approach someone for help to explain different bet types. If you see a first timer always offer to help!

Sweet Ah Ma

The sweet ah ma at Singapore Pools could be your grandmother or your neighbour’s grandmother, placing small bets for the fun of it. Ah Ma’s love spending their days at Singapore Pools, mingling with other aunties or uncles. When she wins, you can count on her cooking up a feast for your family or sneaking to you a hong bao.

Sports fan

Clad in a football jersey, the sports fan is usually placing soccer bets on his favorite team and players. These sports betters are usually die hard fans and have spreadsheets organising their odds of certain players winning.

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