Shopping Centre Adapted For Autistic Shoppers With Silent Hours

Shopping Centre Adapted For Autistic Shoppers With Silent Hours

LADbible - News·2019-04-11 19:08

A shopping centre has been kitted out to provide a safe environment for autistic visitors.

Customers who have autism can benefit from silent spaces throughout the mall, soft lights and no music to ensure a calm atmosphere.

The Galeria Katowicka mall, in the south of Poland, has introduced the 'Silent Hours' between 9 and 11am on Saturday mornings to help those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The shopping centre now has dedicated 'Silent Rooms'. Credit: CEN

Shopping centre director Joanna Baginska told said: "We are doing everything we can to make Galeria Katowicka's space as comfortable and safe as possible for people on the Autism spectrum.

"We truly believe that Galeria Katowicka will be an inspiration for other shopping malls.

"We have received positive feedback from organisations working with people on the autistic spectrum, as well as from clients who say this is an excellent idea."

Almost 60 shops out of 250 have also agreed to soften the lighting and turn down the music in their stores - they have been given a special sticker to advertise that they are 'autism friendly'.

People with autism can experience difficulty with things like social interaction and communication. There is no cure for autism - it's a lifelong condition, and there is also no solid evidence of what causes it.


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