11.5k is average or below average household income, says Donald Low

11.5k is average or below average household income, says Donald Low

The Independent·2018-02-20 00:10

In a wisely-shared Facebook post, Donald Low responded to an article published in The New Paper (TNP) regarding the Lee family, who had a combined five-figure monthly income. Mr. Low drew attention to the negative comments made toward the Lee family wish list concerning Budget 2018, and proposed solutions that would benefit society as a whole.

The TNP article, dated February 12, had focused on a family that earned five figures monthly from the father’s full-time and mother’s part-time job, speculating that the combined income to be around $11,000. However, with Mrs. Serene Lee having had heart surgery which required her to be on expensive medicines, a son in polytechnic school, an older daughter with the costly extracurricular activity of sailing, and their youngest child needing extra tuition, she said that the family was suffering, and hoped to get more when the 2018 budget is announced, to ease the family’s financial burdens. The Lee family also have a maid. Many responded to the article, saying that the family ought to prioritize better by having the children help around the house, instead of hiring a maid, as well as the daughter choosing a less expensive CCA.

In his post, Mr. Low first challenged the idea that the Lee family has a higher income than many others, since based on his calculations, their income is “very much an average or even below average Singaporean household.”

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