5 upcoming sectors in Singapore and colleges where you can get trained in them

5 upcoming sectors in Singapore and colleges where you can get trained in them

The Independent·2017-04-27 18:02

There is a sea change in the professional landscape around us. Technology has become indispensable in our lives, and the digital take-over of professions is inevitable. Here are some upcoming sectors and colleges where you can get trained in them.

1. Med-Tech

With healthcare booming, can med-tech be far behind? Life expectancy in Asia is increasing steadily and ageing populations are pushing up demand for healthcare. Reports state that the med-tech industry is growing at about 10%, so this definitely makes for a promising sector to get your degrees in. Given the fact that biotech is one of the pillars of Singapore’s manufacturing industry, the country is a great place for med-tech start-ups to originate, flourish, and expand.

A medical technologist in Singapore can expect to earn an average salary of about S$36,000 per year.

Earn your stripes at the following:

Singapore Polytechnic

NGEE ANN Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic

Singapore Institute of Manufacturing technology

International: Harvard Medical School – Health Sciences and Technology

2. Creative Industries

Singapore is a hotbed for the high-tech creative industry. With children learning coding in after-school enrichment classes and being able to design apps and games, it is taking the creative design sector to a new level.

Education Singapore


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all jobs still go to foreigners as they are cheaperer....fasterer....and betterer....when to jobs of the company foreign talents..