A home owner’s guide: feng shui basics

A home owner’s guide: feng shui basics

Redbrick·2017-12-24 07:10

‘Feng shui’ (which literally translates to ‘wind’ and ‘water’), is a complex system of thoughts that teaches us how to position buildings in a harmonious relationship with their environment and how to balance energies in any given space. Originating from China, it is an integral part of the Singaporean culture.

Feng shui can be seen everywhere. Take the placement of two landmarks in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands (MBS) as well as Suntec City. MBS is directly situated at the mouth of Singapore’s dragon, at which there is a strong flow of prosperous energy. The Art Science Museum in front of MBS is reminiscent of a lotus flower, a representation of enlightenment, growth and good fortune.


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