A prisoner of his father’s legacy

A prisoner of his father’s legacy

The Independent·2018-01-08 17:05

by Augustine Low

Have you seen the face of PM Lee Hsien Loong when he he talks about his late father? There is wellspring of emotion, a wistful faraway look – a look of yearning tinged with melancholy. Clearly he is still clouded by grief and anguish at the loss of his father to this day.

In a CNBC interview two months ago, PM Lee recounted the sort of advice his father would be giving him now. The interviewer followed up with: “You can hear his voice in your head?” And the reply from PM Lee: “Yes, we can imagine that.” (By “we” he was probably referring to the Cabinet although I think he spoke for himself).

It is poignant that he carries the spirit and the voice of the father with him. It is also telling. The label of “dishonourable son” memorably pinned on PM Lee by his sister Lee Wei Ling simply does not ring true. He is ever the dutiful son, he is every bit his father’s son and father’s keeper. He is consumed (paranoid even) with protecting his father’s legacy and preserving the dominance of his father’s party. This is his life’s mission, governing his thoughts and deeds.

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