Abandoned places for daring S'poreans to explore

Abandoned places for daring S'poreans to explore

KopiTalk·2017-12-23 07:05

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Although Singapore is small, there are still plenty abandoned places that are spooky enough for the daring Singaporeans to explore.

Tanglin Hill: Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel

The Brunei government purchased this piece of land to house privileged students who came from Brunei to study. The hostel became abandoned after the education system in Brunei had flourished. However, it is still owned by the Bruneian government today.

Holland Road: Istana Woodneuk

This was the largest private property owned by a Johor Sultan during the 19th century. Located somewhere near Holland Road, the property still belongs to the royal family of Johor but the structure of the house is in such a state of disrepair, making it dangerous to enter.

Sims Avenue: Old Changi Hospital

The abandoned hospital is still the most popular haunted spot in Singapore. Many prisoners were believed to be tortured to death by the Japanese during the Second World War.

In 2006, a company bought the property and wanted to convert the ground into a luxury resort but the plan just couldn't work out. People suspected that it was due to the active paranormal sightings within the compound.

MacRitchie Reservoir: Syonan Jinja

During World War 2, the Japanese built a Shinto shrine to commemorate soldiers who died while in Singapore. It was destroyed when the British came back and abandoned since then.. Bring a bottle of insect repellent if you're planning to make a trip there!

Enter at your own risk and good luck!

(Image Credit/s: urbanghostsmedia, remembersingapore)

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