China glass walkway 'cracks' when visitors walk on it

China glass walkway 'cracks' when visitors walk on it

Channel NewsAsia·2017-10-10 20:06

HEBEI, China: A Chinese tour guide falls to his knees as as a glass walkway "cracks" under him in video that has gone viral over the weekend, but this is no accident.

This cliff-hugging walkway in East Taihang, Hebei was built with special effects on the last few glass panels, that make virtual cracks appear with each step the visitor takes. 

In the 10-second video, posted on social media and Chinese news sites, the man shouts: "I'm scared to death!"

Dare to try? Special effect created on cliffside glass bridge takes the meaning of 'scary' to a whole new level


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socksock 11/10/2017

If it cracks n gives way one of these days, u may not know and take the last and highest leap of your life to meet ur maker