Cool facts you need to know about WeChat!

Cool facts you need to know about WeChat!

KopiTalk·2017-12-17 23:10

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We often compare WeChat to WhatsApp and ended up sticking with WhatsApp over and over again but you might just change your mind after reading this!

Multiple video chat

Conference video call, sounds cool right? WeChat's video call allows a maximum of nine members. Group discussion won't be a problem now!

Filter posts

Someone in your contact is spamming too much selifes and emo quotes on your feed? No worries, just hold on to their profile picture for two seconds and the option bar will pop out for you to filter out those posts.

Make your post invisible

If you want to complain about your terrible day at work or your annoying colleague but you don't want them to see it, just follow the same method above to block them from viewing your post.

Real time location

You don't have to report to your girlfriend once in every few minutes with this location map anymore!

Seems like WhatsApps has a lot to improve?

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