E-scooter riders racing at Woodlands BizHub

E-scooter riders racing at Woodlands BizHub

Mothership.SG·2018-02-07 19:25

It seems like some e-scooter riders don’t really care for the law, especially after have been in place since January 2018.

Just take a look at this video posted by Roads.sg, a community Facebook page.

According to the page, these riders were seen at Woodlands Bizhub, an industrial area located near Singapore Safety Driving Centre.

Racing on the road

If you need yet another sequel to The Fast and The Furious, here’s one for you, although, a lot less cool.

These two riders even have a fan/ friend filming their late-night antics for them.

In case you didn’t know, personal mobility devices (PMD) are not allowed on roads.

They also have a speed limit of 15km/h on footpaths and 25km/h on cycling and shared paths, which we’re pretty sure that these speed racers have exceeded by quite a bit.

Going faster than cars

Speaking of speed limits, some of the PMD riders were seen going even faster than the cars and motorcycles of the road.

Like this dude in the 0.55-second mark:

By the way, there was a footpath right next to the road, where he could have ridden on.

Dating on an e-scooter

And somewhere along the 1-minute-18-second mark, a couple is seen sharing an e-scooter.

The girl in question could also be seen casually using her phone.

Dangerous? Yes.

Romantic? Possibly.

Maybe it is true that you only need a small space to make babies, after all.



PMD users caught riding on roads will face tougher enforcement action as part of the plans to strengthen the regulations and enhancing its penalty regime to deter irresponsible users.

For first time offenders, the composition sum has been increased from S$100 to S$300 on local roads and S$500 on major roads.

Under the Road Traffic Act, those who use unauthorised vehicles such as PMDs on roads can be fined up to S$2,000 or be jailed up to three months for the first offence.

Top image screenshot via ROADS.sg’s Facebook page


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