Elderly Couple Diagnosed With Covid-19 Stubbornly Takes Care Of Each Other In Hospital

Elderly Couple Diagnosed With Covid-19 Stubbornly Takes Care Of Each Other In Hospital

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Do you believe that true love lasts forever? Or do you think that’s the romantic notion of a naive boy or girl?

Because if you don’t, this elderly couple will prove you wrong.

Elderly Couple Diagnosed With Covid-19

Sin Chew Daily reported on a video that was going viral in China.

The video is about an elderly couple diagnosed with the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.

Yet despite the fact that the Covid-19 is deadlier to the elderly since they have weaker immune systems and preexisting conditions, they only have eyes for one another.

The 87-year-old husband and 83-year-old wife were warded separately in rooms next to each other.

Sweet Loving Gestures From Hubby

There was once when the wife stubbornly refused to eat despite multiple attempts by the healthcare staff at the hospital.

When the husband heard about it, he grabbed his IV drip bag and made his way to his wife’s side.

He coaxed his wife to eat, and when that failed, he fed her himself.

Nearing the end of the video, the words 愿得一人心 白首不相离 appear on the screen. Which means “To conquer one’s heart, till death do us apart”.

You Can Watch The Video For Yourself Below:

P.S.: This will make you cry.

P.P.S.: Prepare tons of tissue

After watching this video, I’m pretty sure even the most jaded person would start believing in everlasting love.

We hope that the elderly couple will recover well and spend the rest of their lives happily.

And to all our healthcare workers working hard and fighting against the coronavirus, we wish you good health and thank you for your sacrifices.

While not all of us have the skills to help out in a big way, we can all do our part by maintaining our personal hygiene, and taking the right precautions when we’re out and about.

So that we’ll create less workload for them mah, right? 

For daily updates on the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, bookmark MOH’s website.

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Reminds me of d late LKY n Geok Choo 🙏may bless em 2 reincarnate 2 b soulmates again eternal 💞