Get lucky numbers from these six places in Singapore!

Get lucky numbers from these six places in Singapore!

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In a city like Singapore where fortune favours the bold, it’s not a surprise that fortune seekers constantly search for bold new ways to increase their chances of hitting it big. 

According to local feng shui experts, several places in Singapore are considered to be lucky due to the energy it radiates. As many buildings and prominent landmarks were constructed to attract prosperity and ward off misfortune, perhaps a visit to one of these magical places is all you need to attract good luck.

Marina Bay Sands

The three towers of Marina Bay Sands represent luck, prosperity and longevity. The three towers also resemble the Chinese character for mountain, ‘shan’ which ward off bad luck. It’s no wonder that Marina Bay Sands continues to do well, earning a net revenue of $964.8million in the second quarter of last year.

Lucky numbers: 9, 6, 4, 8

Wet markets

Not many would associate wet markets as a symbol of good fortune, but according to local feng shui experts, areas that kill animals for food are auspicious. Apparently the energy released from the spirits of animals produce good fortune for those seeking a change in careers. If you’re planning to make a visit to a wet market, go early because wet markets usually open at 6.30 and close around 12 noon.

Lucky numbers: 6, 3, 0, 12

ArtScience Museum

Even if you’re not thinking of going for exhibitions, the Art Science museum is worth a visit to change your luck! The museum’s unique architecture resembles two palms pointing upwards to catch good luck falling from the sky.

Lucky numbers: 0, 1, 10


Our national symbol, the Merlion is said to protect Singapore from bad luck and provide it with never ending prosperity. The water that it spits out represents the continuous flow of positive energy circulating within the economy. The Merlion resembles the number 6, which is also the lucky number for prosperity!

Lucky numbers: 6

Marina Barrage

Image credit: Singapore City MRT Tourism Map

If you’re looking to be lucky in love, Marina Barrage is the place to go! Marina Barrage is shaped like the number 9, which sounds similar to the Chinese character ‘jiu’ which means longevity. Bring a date there for fun activities like a romantic picnic or kite-flying!

Lucky numbers: 9

Fountain of Wealth

The most famous place in Singapore that represents endless prosperity, the biggest fountain in the world is supposed to symbolise wealth constantly pouring inward in the same direction of the water flow. The five towers of Suntec City represents five fingers surrounding the palm of the fountain, receiving all the good fortune.

Lucky numbers: 5

The next time you’re thinking of looking for some lucky inspiration feel free to head to those places for some good fortune might just rub off on you!

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