Has corruption taken root?

Has corruption taken root?

The Independent·2018-01-15 11:10

The events of 2017 were baffling, bizarre and outrageous – large sums of money, participation by thousands and decade long of graft has put Singapore in a bad light. A group of five scamming a whopping $40M under Skillsfuture.  At a credit of $500 per person, we have a mind boggling 80,000 participants in the scam.

Benie Madoff, the greatest fraudster, sentenced to 150 years in prison, conned 24,000+ clients. Even the 24k victims of his ponzi scheme pales in comparison to the SkillsFuture scam. Have we become one of the most corrupt nation on earth?

No, said CPIB:   Corruption in Singapore is at low Levels.  Singapore is widely recognised as a country with zero tolerance for corruption.

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