Irresponsible? Man got his married mistress pregnant but blames his wife for breakdown in marriage!

Irresponsible? Man got his married mistress pregnant but blames his wife for breakdown in marriage!

SG Gazette·2018-02-20 12:00

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A 59-year-old financial director attempted to get out of his marriage quickly by claiming his wife of more than 30 years behaved unreasonably, blaming her for the breakdown in their marriage.

However, all his complaints paled in comparison to the fact that he had impregnated another woman, and thus hoped to marry her quickly - a fact the District Judge Cheryl Koh pointed out.

In court, she said the issue was whether the wife's conduct "should be construed as unreasonable, when it is the husband who has impregnated a younger woman and wished to extricate himself out of the marriage immediately".

The man also did not deny an affair with his mistress - a 30-year-old Shanghai woman, but claimed the relationship began in 2010, soon after the marriage with his 57-year-old wife soured.

The man had filed for divorce in December 2016, blaming his wife for being overly engrossed with her Buddhist practices and “neglecting his feelings”.

However, she countered that they were both Buddhists and her sessions were positive for the whole family.

The husband also returned home late most of the time, especially after 2014 when he started the affair.

Judge Koh was unconvinced with the husband’s claims, and thus ruled there would be no quick divorce.

She said that he “owed it” to his wife and their three children to wait the required three or four years' separation for a divorce on a no-fault basis, instead of blaming her.

She also noted that the woman from Shanghai had come to Singapore with her spouse and child, and that the hospital had called her actual husband (yes, she was also married and cheating on her own husband) when she became pregnant with this man’s child. 

Judge Koh said, “If a spouse decided one day that he wished to move on with a third party, it did not mean that the spouse could abuse the court system by suddenly recalling all the alleged past instances of unreasonable behaviour by the other spouse for the past ten years or so, which he had apparently tolerated and lived with for the entire period, just so that he could immediately extricate himself out of his marriage."

(Image Credit/s: The Times, Amazing Science)

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