Is Singapore ripe for a vegan bar?

Is Singapore ripe for a vegan bar?

LifestyleAsia·2017-12-30 09:10

In September this year, a small ripple broke out amongst New York City’s barflies — not an easy feat given the scene there has largely seen it all, done it all and drank it all. The subject of their curiosity: Ladybird, restauranteur Ravi Derossi’s latest project which also has the investment backing of Grammy award-winning producer, Moby.

Branded as a “vegetable bar”,Ladybird is a fully plant-based food and cocktail destination that aims to make vegan dining appeal to a broader range of consumers, and not just the dietary converts. The 50-seater establishment, located on New York’s 111 East 7th Street, has received rave reviews since its opening, thanks to the magical combination of minds that have composed Ladybird’s menu.


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