Jay Chou in S’pore For His Concert & Says He’ll Treat Fans Who Greet Him in Restaurants

Jay Chou in S’pore For His Concert & Says He’ll Treat Fans Who Greet Him in Restaurants

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I think it’s safe to say that most fans have one common wish other than hoping that their favourite celebrities succeed, that is to see them in person and hopefully get the chance to interact with them.

These kinds of opportunities are very rare and what are the chances that your favourite celebrity will notice you out of the millions of people who idolise them?

Well, if you’re a fan of Jay Chou, the Taiwanese singer, you’re in luck!

Jay Chou is currently in Singapore for a concert that was held last night and will be held again tonight at the National Stadium.

If you weren’t able to grab tickets to his concert, you’ll still have the chance to spot the singer around Singapore.

Yesterday, he took to his Instagram to post a few stories of the places he visited. One of which was when he visited P.S. Cafe for some good ol’ truffle fries.

He also took videos of the desserts that were on display at the well-known cafe.

He then visited Machi Machi Singapore and took a photo of him with a bubble tea drink in his hand.

But this wasn’t all that he did in Singapore. He also hung out with his mother and friends at Jazz Li’s property. He captured the moment with a photo and uploaded it onto his Instagram page.

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媽媽很喜歡你們家的狗 哈哈 @consxive 新加坡演唱會之前 來你家chill一下 晚上應該會唱的不錯😂 #chill #preconcert #singapore #carnival #concert

A post shared by Jay Chou 周杰倫 (@jaychou) on Jan 9, 2020 at 11:39pm PST

If you manage to see him around, do make sure you go up and say “hi”!


Well, after his concert last night, he expressed his thanks to his Singapore fans through an Instagram post of him singing “说好不哭” (Don’t Cry). He then added that fans who spot him around our island should go up to him and say hi, and he’ll treat them to a meal or something.

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謝謝新加坡的朋友 明天如果在餐廳遇到我 記得讓我買單 Thank you my Singapore fans! If u happen to see me tomorrow in any restaurant don’t be shy ☺️ Say hi and it’s my treat 😂 #說好不哭 #說好買單 #carnival #theinvincible #concert #singapore

A post shared by Jay Chou 周杰倫 (@jaychou) on Jan 10, 2020 at 7:16am PST

How generous of him!

Jay Chou, however, did not reveal any details as to where he would be going in these few days that he would still be in Singapore.

So keep your eyes peeled everyone!

You might be able to get the opportunity of a lifetime!

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