Letting friendships end

Letting friendships end

Shaunlepaks·2018-01-07 14:40

Everyone moves on for bigger and better things in the Game of Life, including your “Bros’ or “Kaki” friends whom you once shared a strong bond with. You will reminisce the countless hapless adventures and memorable moments you shared together like the endless nights of partying, helping out each other out in need, living or travelling together. You reminded yourself at that time that you will be stuck together with them come Hell or High Water for the many years to come, just like the characters in " F.R.I.E.N.D.S" or " HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER". Unfortunately Reality does not always play out the same happy ending as most promising Television shows do. Instead within the blink of an eye, life drifts you apart from each other, setting your friends on different paths and eventually leaving you behind in the dust, possibly never hearing from them again. As sad as it sounds, this is the harsh truth we will come to realize later on as we grow and mature. However if you are lucky enough to not fall under this category and do have friends who do stay true to you from school to even adulthood, GOOD FOR YOU ! Whereas for me, what did I learn to get past this depressing moment in my life:

Letting Go

Since your friends have done it, you should do it too.  They are probably preoccupied with their own new and busy lives right now. As a result they would not be able to keep the friendship burning .  Therefore it will be pointless to stick around waiting for them to reply your Social Media (Instagram-Stories or Snapchat) or dropping them unanswered messages to ask how they are doing, unless they do the same for you from time to time.  See this as an opportunity to end your friendship with them and move on with the next stage of your life.

Making Time for Yourself

You finally have the chance to invest in yourself with all that extra Time, Energy and Money by planning and doing things that you have always wanted to do on your own. Pick up a new hobby, self-discover yourself, or go out on your own, sparing you the expenses of time, money and energy for the sake of another individual(s). Sure the idea of spending time outside

alone may initially seem frightening and makes you feel out of place, being given weird or suspicious looks by couples or groups as you walk past them. Whereas you would be spiteful to others as you see them laughing amongst themselves and having the time of their lives. Eventually you will realize that spending time alone may not be so bad after all. Everyone needs some personal space to themselves once in a while to self reflect and discover more about themselves.

Understand why they moved on

As we go our separate paths, our lives change due to the need of accustomizing to them, regardless if it is for the better or for the worse. this includes things like Your friend(s) found a new job, got posted to a different school from you, being heavily invested in a relationship, or maybe even doing all 3 at once! In the process, our Personalities and priorities will change as well due to the sacrifices we make in order to lead our own different lives.  Nobody really stays the same forever. This will also result in the significance of your friendship to your friends before to be different from how significant it will be to them now.

Remembering the good Times

Instead of sulking over the fact that that your friends had no qualms about leaving you in the dust for something better, remember the good times you shared together which help shaped you into who you are today. In a subtle way, you will be grateful to them for supporting you through those stages in your life. It is better to remember how your friendship was rather than its end.

Ultimately I have learnt that it is all part of life for people to change and want different things later on, even if it means leaving you behind. Therefore, be happy for them and move on, knowing that it is better this way. Tell yourself that at some point in your life, you will stumble upon a bunch of goofy comrades who will definitely always be there to light up your loneliness with their ending charm and devotion.


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