Man killed Rolex owner for his prostitute girlfriend

Man killed Rolex owner for his prostitute girlfriend

CrimeLibrarySingapore·2018-01-02 07:35

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Jonaris Badlishah wanted to give his girlfriend a Rolex. He did not have the money, so he killed to get the watch.

Jonaris came up with the perfect gift for his girlfriend on her 31st birthday — a $7,500, gold and diamond-studded Rolex watch.

When he gave it to the Thai prostitute he was in love with, she remarked that it looked old.

What she did not realise at the time was that earlier in the day, the watch had been on the wrist of 42-year-old make-up artist Sally Poh Bee Eng, a mother of two grown-up children.

Jonaris had repeatedly bashed her head with a hammer for the sole purpose of taking the watch.

After a 19-day trial, the judge found Jonaris guilty and sentenced him to hang.

He added that when Madam Poh regained consciousness and tried to crawl away, he hit her till part of her skull broke into pieces. To ensure that she would not live to report him to the police, he slashed her wrists with a paper cutter so that she would also bleed to death.

As he was led out of the courtroom, Madam Poh’s husband shouted: “You deserve it!”

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