Man threatens to kill neighbor with ‘kindness’…the name of his machete!

Man threatens to kill neighbor with ‘kindness’…the name of his machete!·2019-01-17 00:38

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You know that phrase you sometimes say whenever you are overly happy with someone, “Oh Susan, I could just kill you with kindness!” Yes, that one. Well, turns out this 30-year-old man didn’t quite get the memo that it was only figurative and instead took it a bit too literally.

Bryan Duane Stewart, from Florida (because of course, he is from Florida), was arrested over the weekend after he reportedly threatened to kill his neighbors with kindness. But not that kind of kindness. Stewart had a machete with the word “Kindness” etched on the top, meaning yes, the name of his machete was “Kindness.” Brilliant but at the same time so so wrong.


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