Need help striking lottery? Here are five powerful lucky charms to help you!

Need help striking lottery? Here are five powerful lucky charms to help you!

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Striking the lottery isn’t easy.

If you wish to become the next lottery millionaire, you will definitely need all the luck that you can get.

What you need, my friend, is a lucky charm.

You may not believe it, but people have believed in the power of these auspicious objects for hundreds and thousands of years.

If the beliefs in these items remain so strong after all this time, surely they must work to a certain extent, right?

In any case, even if you do not truly believe in them, it wouldn’t hurt to carry one around just in case they actually do work.

So here are five age-old lucky charms that have withstood the test of time.

Who knows? You could be the next Singapore millionaire with just a bit of luck.

1. Lucky coins

Many Chinese people believe that these I-Ching coins can bring about wealth and prosperity.

The square in the centre of each coin represents Earth’s energy and the circular shape of the coin represents Heaven’s luck.

Tied together with a red string or ribbon that represents the Yang energy, these ancient coins are said to represent the powerful union of Heaven and Earth, which will attract wealth and good fortune to the carrier of these coins.

To boost your lottery-winning luck, put these coins into your wallet or place them together with your lottery tickets.

If you’ll rather DIY some of your luck, you can also wrap a piece of yellow cloth around a $1 coin and put it into your wallet.

As a side note, many cultures believe that metal objects offer protection from evil.

In modern times, people prefer to carry a “lucky penny” for good luck because it’s obviously more convenient and less threatening than carrying a sword or an axe around.

2. Abacus

The Ancient Chinese version of a calculator, this ingenious invention is associated with everything that’s related to money and calculations.

If you want to have so much money that you will spend all your time calculating the amount with your abacus, then you’ll need to start carrying an abacus around to make your wish come true.

Obviously, in these modern times, if you carry an abacus around, you’ll be mocked (unless you are a Primary school student and you are taking abacus class — in which case, you’ll need to stop reading these lottery articles because you are not of age yet).

3. The Three-legged Toad

The Three-legged Toad is a legendary creature that is said to bring its owner enormous wealth and instant money.

Leaving aside the disturbing fact that it has only three legs, this mythical toad is a must-have for anybody who wants to win big at the next lottery draw (or who wants to increase business, earn more money, or make a hefty return on stocks and shares).

4. The Lucky Horseshoe

If Chinese or Feng Shui charms are not to your taste, don’t worry. We’ve included some lucky charms of western origins into this list.

The horseshoe has been considered to be a lucky item since ancient times. This is because horseshoes were originally made of iron, a material that people believed could ward off evil spirits.

They were also traditionally held in place with seven nails. ’7’ is believed by many cultures to be the luckiest number in this world.

Some people believe that if you hang the horseshoe with its ends pointing up, it will gather and hold all the wealth and riches for you like a jar of prosperity.

But if you hang it with the ends pointing down, it will instead serve as a protection charm and ward off evil spirits and negative energies.

For the purposes of winning the lottery, hanging it up in a ‘U’ shape is the way to go. 

5. Four-leaf Clover

Another popular lucky charm with a western origin is the four-leaf clover.

A rare variation of the common three-leaf clover, the four-leaf clover is notoriously difficult to find — though that did not stop people from looking for them due to their reputation for being lucky.

Each leaf of the four-leaf clover represents something: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the forth is for luck.

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