Need inspiration? Get lucky lottery numbers from your body!

Need inspiration? Get lucky lottery numbers from your body!

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Having trouble recently coming up with lottery numbers? Choosing lottery numbers doesn’t have to give you a headache! Believe it or not but your very own body can give you lucky lottery numbers! Get ready your measuring tape and your clothes and start taking note!

Shoe size

Pick up a pair of shoes and check your shoe size! If you use a EU size, this will usually be a larger number around 34 - 42. However if you use US sizing, the number will be below 10, depending on your shoe size.

Take note of both sizes as you can use a different size for a different draw!

Chest / Bust

With your measuring tape, wrap it around the widest part of your chest and take note of the measurements in inches. For women, use the widest part of your bust. If your measuring tape has markings in both centimetres and inches, write down both measurements! Measurements in inches should be smaller than the ones for centimetres.

Use one this draw and save the other one for the next draw!


Using the measuring tape, measure the smallest part of your waist, making sure that the tape isn’t twisted! For the most accurate measurement, take it while you’re exhaling. Remember to take note of your measurements in both inches and cm as you can use the other measurement next draw!


To measure your hips, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. This should be right above your legs, on your lower pelvis. Most people tend to mistake the hips as the area where the belt sits but it’s actually slightly lower and includes your butt!

If your hip measurement in inches is larger than 49, use the centimetre measurements for your TOTO selection!


Standing with your shoulders relaxed, measure across the front of your body from both ends of your shoulders. Measuring your shoulders is especially important for men as the shoulders have different proportions from the rest of the body!

Neck / Collar

Using the measuring tape, wrap it around the middle of your neck. This should be at the Adam’s apple which is easily visible for men. Measuring the neck will give you an accurate measurement for shirts and necklaces!

Remember to save these measurements in both inches and centimetres to use in the next draw. Good luck to everyone using their lucky measurements in the upcoming draws!

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