New drivers, please avoid these places!

New drivers, please avoid these places!

KopiTalk·2018-01-01 22:10

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Some roads in Singapore aren't as forgiving as those in your driving school. Yeah I know you've just gotten your license and you're excited to drive on the road but there are some road P-plater should avoid at all cost!

Vigilante Drive

Don't try it! The width of your car might even look wider than this narrow road and this will probably be the tightest S-course you've ever encounter in your life.

Upper Bukit Timah Road

This road is forever under construction.. If you hate doing last-minute lane change, take another way. You don't have the L-plate anymore so don't expect people to give way just because you're flashing a P-plate.

Town area

The roads in town (Orchard/ CBD) are a little different from roads in residential area. Most of them are one-way roads with entrances to malls or buildings on the right of the roads.

Driving to JB

Cars are only a few centimetres away from each other when you're in the customs. Besides that, all the signboards are in Malay and you'll have to reverse to get out of a parking lot. Oh well, master the roads in Singapore first before you plan for a trip to JB.

(Image Credit/s: runeatgossip, says, flickr)

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