Singaporeans love their lottery! But just how much do we love to gamble?

Singaporeans love their lottery! But just how much do we love to gamble?

Lottery·2020-07-10 17:32

We all know that gambling is one of Singaporeans’ favourite pastimes, but do you know just how enamoured are we with our lottery games?

According to a report by The New Paper in 2015, the national average spent by local punters in 2014 is around S$1,361. The La Fleur’s Magazine, a US publication that reports on the global lottery industry, named us as the world’s biggest lottery spenders in 2015.

For punters who make only $1 to $3 occasional bets, the national average of S$1,361 looks like an alarming amount. But avid punters would hardly be surprised by the figure. In fact, S$1,361 a year or S$113 a month is already quite a drop. In a 2011 survey by the National Council on Problem Gambling, the average monthly betting amount was S$212!

And in the 2015 report by The New Paper, they cited an example of an 82-year old punter who spent nearly $5,000 a year on 4D and Toto. The punter estimated that he had spent more than $100,000 in bets with the Singapore Pools over 47 years! Imagine that!

To put it into perspective, here’s what $5,000 a year could have bought you:

A holiday in an exotic country (and perhaps more)

1,923 Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts

10 Playstation 4s...

... and a great many more things.

Okay, maybe spending $5,000 a year on 4Ds and Totos is quite a large expenditure for some of us. (Or is it most of us?)

But the truth is, many of us contribute more or less to the $8 billion revenue Singapore generates each year from bets made on 4D, Toto and horse racing.

Maybe it’s because we want to buy ourselves a dream in this hopeless world (“If I don’t come to work tomorrow, it means that I’ve won first prize!”), or maybe it’s simply because it’s thrilling (“I just enjoy the excitement I get as I await the 4D/Toto results! Plus if I strike 4D/Toto, I won’t have to face my boss ever again!”)

How much do you spend on lottery every month? What’s your reason for spending on lottery? Let us know in the comments below!

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after covid19,a lot of people already stop gambling.more will follow


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Not worth the time


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