So exciting! 5 million prize pot and changes to Singapore Sweep!

So exciting! 5 million prize pot and changes to Singapore Sweep!

Lottery·2018-07-05 16:50

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Do you play the Singapore Sweep? If you do, then you must read this! 

Do note that there will be a new system for it starting 5 Jul, as the current pre-printed Singapore Sweep tickets will now be replaced with print upon request tickets within the Singapore Pools outlets.

This is how it looks before the change:

The tickets will now look like 4D or Toto tickets:

According to the Singapore Pools website on Tuesday (3 Jul), this change is due to efforts to streamline operations and increase efficiency and productivity. Cost savings will then be “channelled towards supporting worthwhile causes for community benefit”.

However, there will be no change to the structure of the game and prizes.

Sales will close at 6pm on draw day for Singapore Sweep. With effect from 1 Aug, the draw will be conducted at 6.30pm. 

Overall, 3.5 million sets of seven-digit numbers will be available at the cost of $3.

How to make a bet

There are two ways to it - through the counter staff and through the 4D bet slip. 

For the counter staff method, there are four options to pick from:

By using the 4D bet slip, you will be able to bet in both 4D Ordinary bets and Singapore Sweep:

Can numbers still be picked?

In this new system, those who prefer to pick their numbers can still do so, but in a limited manner. 

Out of the seven numbers, only the first number or the last four can be chosen.

 The remaining three (second, third and fourth) will be randomly generated.

How will this affect where I buy from?

While these will be rolled out at Singapore Pools outlets, it makes things a bit more difficult for smaller retailers who buy the numbers from vendors.

As they will now have to be done digitally and only printed upon request, it could affect sales for smaller retailers.

Prize pot to be doubled for National Day

And with National Day around the corner comes an increase in the pot! The Singapore Grand Prize in August will increase from $2.3 million to $5 million - almost double the current prize.

In addition, more than 210,000 2D prizes will be launched. This means as long as the last two numbers picked are the same as any of the nine sets of two-digit numbers of the draw, you will win a $6 bonus.

The last prize raise was done in 2013.

So now that you know, what else are you waiting for? The prize pot might just be yours! 


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