Taxi uncles: bet you have never seen this 'soft' side of them!

Taxi uncles: bet you have never seen this 'soft' side of them!

KopiTalk·2018-01-21 14:20

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Who says Singaporeans can't be kind? Some taxi uncles may seem 'fierce' on the road but they actually have a nice and kind side that we all don't know.

These taxi uncles gather every month to open their wallets and hearts to charity. 

Besides monetary donations, they also helped to deliver goods such as canned food, biscuit, coffee powder, instant noodles and many more to the disabled organisations in Singapore.

This month, they collected a sum of $2,180 from various taxi drivers and helped Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities to stock up on their daily goods.

It does not matter to them that they come from rival taxi companies or that they do not earn millions. 

A little from each person made a lot of difference in the end. Despite each contribution not being a big one, the collective effort from over 50 people made a huge difference in the end. 

Good job uncles! Thank you for injecting kindness into Singapore.

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