Tiger Beer sinks teeth into big-cat conservation

Tiger Beer sinks teeth into big-cat conservation

Campaign·2017-05-31 19:30

Tiger Beer, seemingly aware that it owes a debt to the animal for the use of its name and likeness, is kicking off what appears to be a serious six-year effort to help rescue the big cats from oblivion.

Dubbed 3890Tigers, in reference to the current best estimate for how many tigers exist in the wild, the campaign is in partnership with the WWF and includes an art initiative and a US$1 million donation to Tx2, an effort to double the population by 2022.

To make people consider what a world without tigers would be like, the brand also plans to issue its product in limited-edition packaging lacking the famous tiger icon. 

People can visit 3890Tigers.com, take a pledge to help tigers, upload a selfie and choose an artist to "collaborate with", then receive a piece of selfie art "generated by AI". The artists taking part in the project include China’s Hua Tunan, France’s Mademoiselle Maurice, Malaysia’s Kenji Chai, Russia’s Nootk, UK’s Nick Gentry and USA’s Tran Nguyen.

In addition to Singapore, the campaign will run in Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Russia, the US and New Zealand, concluding with a series of events on July 29, Global Tiger Day.

Launch event in Singapore


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