What Do Single Moms Do Around Valentine’s Day?

What Do Single Moms Do Around Valentine’s Day?

Sassy Mama Singapore·2019-02-13 10:15

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Not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Single parent Marina Mathews drops some major wisdom, and shares a wonderful idea that will brighten every family’s holiday

A few weeks ago when we started to put our annual crop of Valentine’s Day content, we received feedback from one of our readers, a single parent, who was feeling just a bit sick of the holiday. Rather than focusing simply on gifts, dinners for two, or chocolates (though is there ever a bad time for chocolate?), she wondered, perhaps we could look at Valentine’s Day from an angle of self-care, or its impact on parent-child relationships? We immediately turned to one of the most fabulous women we know, single mama Marina Mathews, to get her thoughts on the holiday. Read on for a truly heartwarming approach that we daresay every mama might want to imitate…


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