Where to get the best currency exchange rate in Singapore?

Where to get the best currency exchange rate in Singapore?

KopiTalk·2018-01-14 14:50

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Getting the best currency exchange rate might help you to save up a little when you're travelling on holiday. Here's a list of recommended money changers for you to make your own comparisons and get your best rates!

Raffles Place:  Sheen International Exchange

Located at Raffles Place (The Arcade), Sheen International Exchange is well known for their favourable rates and is the top recommended money exchangers to exchange foreign currency.

Marina Square: Fountain Money Changer

Fountain Money Changer is located at Marina Square shopping mall and there is usually a queue during lunch time as they offer fairly competitive rates.

Mustafa Centre: Mustafa Foreign Exchange

Blur sotongs who forgot to change money can head down to Mustafa. This is the only 24/7 money changer (with good rates) in Singapore so expect to see long queues.

People's Park Complex: Crante Money Changer

Crante Money Changer is known to have favourable rates for Thailand Baht, Malaysian Ringgit, Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Dollars. Just like all the other popular money exchangers, be prepared to queue.

Parkway Parade: Yakadir Money Changer

Located in the east, Yakadir Money Changer offers pretty decent rates and they even have their own website for you to check the updated exchange rates before you head down.

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