Worker electrocuted to death at work: Employer MW Group fined $200,000!

Worker electrocuted to death at work: Employer MW Group fined $200,000!

TheRedDotNews·2018-01-19 11:57

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The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in a statement today (19 Jan) that Equipment calibration and testing company MW Group has been fined $200,000 for their negligence in a fatal workplace incident.

The conviction came after a five-day trial over the company's role in failing to address workplace safety and health lapse.

MW Group had failed to conduct a specific risk assessment as well as establish safe work procedure for the calibration and testing of an ARS machine. The company had only conducted a generic risk assessment for electrical testing and had determined electrocution to be possible hazard. Despite that, there was no safety measures put into place.

The negligence resulted in the death of a worker, Mr Suyambu Suman, when he was conducting a test and calibration for the machine.

An investigation by the Energy Market Authority showed that there were no proper test fixtures set up and Mr Suyambu Suman was not kept at a safe distance, approximately 1.5m, from the "live" terminals.

According to Mr Chan Yew Kwong, MOM's director of occupational safety and health inspectorate, MW Group knew that their workers were at risk of electrocution but had not put in place measures to ensure their safety. They also did not educate their workers on how to go about doing their jobs in a way that would not put them at risk.

He emphasised that it is the employer's duty to ensure safety in the workplace. Those companies that disregard the safety of their workers would be investigated and disciplined.

However, there has been many incidents of employers neglecting to take their workers' safety into consideration, despite MOM taking reiterating that it would be taking a firm stand against such callousness. Can more be done to ensure workers' safety in the workplace? 

(Image Credits: The Online Citizen, The Ministry of Manpower) 

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