'Saltburn' review: Sick, savage, and satisfying

'Saltburn' review: Sick, savage, and satisfying

MashableAsia·2023-09-28 12:06

Sexual desire can be a twisted thing, and Emerald Fennell isn't afraid to showcase the dark side of lust and longing. In fact, she relishes it with the kind of blood-smeared smile you might expect from the mind behind the darkly comic revenge-thriller Promising Young Woman. (Her feature-length directorial debut snagged her an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and a nom for Best Director — not too shabby.) With her sophomore outing, Saltburn, the English writer/director points her razor-sharp wit at the British upper class, the kind of vaguely aristocratic, disorderly decadent, and woefully snobby folks who boast appalling wealth and privilege along with an estate so big it has its own name: Saltburn.


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