Ex-Kinderland Teacher Accused of Child Ill-treatment May Face Additional Charges

Ex-Kinderland Teacher Accused of Child Ill-treatment May Face Additional Charges

theAsianparent - Education·2023-09-22 17:03

In a shocking revelation that has stunned the early education sector, a former Kinderland preschool teacher is facing serious allegations of child ill-treatment. The incident prompted a rigorous investigation by the police and initiated widespread changes in the preschool industry’s safety measures.

This article delves into the details of the case, the responses from Kinderland and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), and the potential consequences the accused teacher may face.

Court Appearance and Bail for Kinderland Teacher

Source: The Strait Times

After her court appearance, the accused, 33-year-old Lin Min, was offered bail of S$15,000. Subsequently, she was previously remanded to the Institute of Mental Health for a medical examination. As part of her bail conditions, she is prohibited from contacting the victim or witnesses and must be reachable by the investigating officer.

Allegations Against the Kinderland Teacher

Regarding the allegations against the kindergarten teacher, Lin allegedly forced a 23-month-old girl to lie down and poured water into her mouth at the preschool on June 30. She was formally charged under the Children and Young Persons Act on August 30. It’s important to note that further details about the victim and the incident’s location are withheld due to a gag order.

Kinderland, ECDA’s Response to the Incident

As for Kinderland and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)’s response to the incident, Kinderland, operating over 10 branches in Singapore, has barred the accused teacher from working in the preschool sector. Additionally, the EDCA acknowledged a lapse in handling the case. They are now in the process of reviewing their systems and processes.

Mandatory CCTV Implementation Following Kinderland Teacher Incident

In response to this incident, the ECDA announced that all pre-schools and government-funded early intervention centres must install closed-circuit television cameras by July 2024.

Source: CNA/Syamil Sapari

Another Kinderland Teacher Arrested

In an unrelated incident, another teacher was also arrested under accusations of child abuse, further tarnishing the reputation of Kinderland.

Consequences for the Teacher

If convicted of ill-treating a child, Lin could face up to eight years in jail. And yes, a fine of up to S$8,000. Furthermore, the case continues with the accused Kinderland teacher set to return to court on Oct 12.


In conclusion, the case against the teacher is a reminder of the need for safety measures and background checks in the early education sector. As the courtroom drama unfolds, it is hoped that justice will prevail. Moreover, necessary steps will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future. The ECDA’s mandate to install CCTV cameras in all pre-schools is a significant move towards ensuring child safety.

This incident serves as a wake-up call. It emphasizes that child welfare should always be the top priority in the realm of early childhood education.

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