The Bachelorette recap: Luke who's leaving (finally)

The Bachelorette recap: Luke who's leaving (finally)

Entertainment Weekly-TV·2019-07-16 10:00

Halley’s Comet. The second coming of Jesus Christ. The third season of Westworld. The moment Alabama Hannah realizes Luke P. is a sexist douche-boat and sends his ass packing.

Finally, rose lovers, we can cross that off of our “things we’ve been waiting way too long for” list. Not only did the Bachelorette f— in a windmill, she told Luke that he can take his objections to her bodily autonomy and stick them where the sun don’t shine. Yes, the previews indicate that this isn’t the very last we see of Luke, but it also seems that Mr. P does not get a warm welcome upon his unexpected return.


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