The Best Space Movies of All Time

The Best Space Movies of All Time

Esquire-Entertainment·2019-07-20 18:00


Space, man. It's just up there and floating and so far beyond the regular comprehension of us plebeians down here on Earth. On occasion, the smartest among us board a shuttle and head to explore the unknown. For the rest of us, we sit down here on the big blue planet and imagine what that might be like. We do it so often, in fact, that we regularly turn the concept into a movie. That leads us to this, the ranking of the best space movies of all time.With 2019 being the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (you know, if you believe in that sort of thing—kidding), there's no better time than now to list the greats. Sure, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, but did they walk an animal cracker up and down Liv Tyler's body? I think not. Leave the science to the geniuses. Leave the kitschy, nausea-inducing space flicks to us.


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