Fun and games: This is how you level up in parenting

Fun and games: This is how you level up in parenting

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Do you know the difference between Scorpi, Footi, and Hoogi? Have you any idea where Avalor is? Do you know how to get a diamond sword?

If like me, these questions leave you clueless, I welcome you to the wonderful world of parenting.

In an age where our kids are inundated with 360 degree universes – think videos, toys, books, etc – all crafted to capture their attention and then their parents’ hard-earned cash, it can be difficult to keep track of which superhero, robot, princess, furry creature, monster, or other manufactured hero your little one is currently obsessed.

Inside the make-believe world of Mindcraft

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

My [older] son is currently enraptured with Minecraft, Mixels, Pokemon, and his own imaginary world (which as you might imagine, is always changing). His best bud is also a Minecraft fan. The two of them have been building things and playing together whenever they are given synchronized access to their iPads.

I thought that Minecraft was just a game – and one that I didn’t and still don’t quite understand. I’m surprised to discover [from T1’s Kindle] the sheer volume of written works based around Minecraft – Everything from handbooks and guides to fiction with titles like Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie and Diary Of Steve The Noob. The fact that there are already 44 Steve The Noob books with no end in sight is astounding.


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