Quiz: Can you guess which of these are actual Netflix movie titles?

Quiz: Can you guess which of these are actual Netflix movie titles?

Quartz - Latest stories·2019-08-15 22:23

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How well do you know your Netflix queue?

The more the streaming service invests in original content, the more generic its movie titles become. This is an intentional strategy: boring, easy titles tell users exactly what they’re going to get when they’re mindlessly scrolling through the Netflix app for something to watch. And as uncreative as they are, these titles reveal the breadth of Netflix’s offerings, making it clear to all who subscribe just how many different kinds of movies and TV shows they can access.

Quick, without looking it up: Which of these Netflix Christmas movies is real? Christmas Inheritance, A Christmas Prince, Christmas Chronicles, 5 Star Christmas. The answer is all of them. So now you have an idea of what we’re dealing with.

In the quiz below, there are no trick questions like the one above. For each genre, we’ve hidden one real Netflix film or series title among three fake ones. Can you guess which titles are actual Netflix originals? Let us know how you do!


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