15 "As Seen On TV" Beauty Products You Probably Didn't Know You Needed

15 "As Seen On TV" Beauty Products You Probably Didn't Know You Needed

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The "As Seen On TV" commercials — we've literally all seen them at some point, right?

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Unless you've completely been living under a rock for the past century, of course you have. But it's likely you've never actually purchased any of the advertised items, unsure if they'd truly live up to their promises. Well, lucky for you, we're here to tell you which ones are actually worth your while! Shall we?

1. A painless hair remover designed to gently remove facial hair, so you can say goodbye to any unwanted peach fuzz.

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With over 5.9K five-star reviews on Amazon, this "As Seen On TV" product is definitely legit.

Promising review: "This product is truly a life-changer for me. I have PCOS, and one of the side effects is excessive hair growth. I’ve tried so many different things to deal with the hair on my face but nothing has worked like the Finishing Touch! Normally I use a straight razor to shave my face but it would leave razor burn and took forever to do. With the Finishing Touch my face feels so soft and only took about two minutes! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!" —Ashley


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