Businessman too scared to go home after brutal assault at KL condo

Businessman too scared to go home after brutal assault at KL condo

Free Malaysia Today - South East Asia·2019-08-27 11:53

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KUALA LUMPUR: After being in hospital for 10 days, assault victim Bernard Jeyapalan is afraid to go home.


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u'llnvrwalkalone 30/08/2019

Whoever in his shoes will definitely know how scary it was. 58 stitches and a broken jaw. I hope he recovers well and sell his apartment soon.


Crush 30/08/2019



Madhi Samy reply Crush 30/08/2019

yes indian so?


Crush reply Madhi Samy 30/08/2019

I asked a Chinese girl for her number. She said, "Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight!" I said, "Wow!" Then her friend said, "She means 666-3629."


Tan Chye Meng reply Crush 30/08/2019

Lillian at what app


peace1 29/08/2019

It's quite impossible that this business man is not involved in any fraudulent business that has offended the attackers... It's like the pot calling the kettle black... It maybe a case where the security is the one who tip off the attackers and inform them the whereabouts is the victim. Since there are cctv there is no reason why the security is not aware of the assault and can the attack took place for more than 20 Minutes the police arrive and yet the security is no where around


neutralandfree 29/08/2019

Could have been an Inside Job. High Probability the security guards were given 'hongbao'.. not to interfere in the attacking incident, or could be the security staff were acting as onlookers/informants to the attackers.👀👀😒 This may have happened due to some issues related to 'disputes' as to whom should be leading 'certain projects' & profit margin percentages among shareholders. 😳😱😱🤔🧐🧐🙈🙉🙊😔🤷‍♂️🙏


Tan Chye Meng 29/08/2019

why the fear just get out there are many places cheaper and more safe