Papuan resistance grows against Jakarta

Papuan resistance grows against Jakarta

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-08-29 10:01

Papuan demands for a referendum on self-determination have gained widespread momentum amid fears of civilian casualties in restive Papua and West Papua provinces, where a government-imposed internet blackout is in place following a wave of protests triggered by racial abuse against Papuan students in East Java. In a rare event, hundreds of emboldened Papuan students took to the streets in Jakarta on Wednesday, marching from the Army headquarters to the State Palace while carrying banned Bintang Kejora (Morning Star) flags, a symbol of the Papuan independence movement. “The students and the people of Papua have agreed to call for a referendum,” protest coordinator Ambrosius said during the rally. When they reached the front of the State Palace, protesters burned tires and danced traditional Papuan dances while chanting. The crowd dispersed peacefully at around 5:30 p....


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