Do you want only yes-men, Ramasamy asks Zuraida

Do you want only yes-men, Ramasamy asks Zuraida

Free Malaysia Today - South East Asia·2019-09-01 21:08

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There has been an exchange of words between P Ramasamy of DAP and Zuraida Kamaruddin of PKR.


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General X 02/09/2019

Doesn't matter if they have a few more yes-men, the more the merrier. That Cabinet is already filled with this category. of ppl, free lunching off the system.


Teobehpio 02/09/2019

My view is that if Najib tell the truth Dr Mahathir will step down and let DAP or PKR party to pick a PM in PPBM Dr Mahathir and PKR Anwar can not be PM reason is both are from UMNO and BN can not be a party to run Malaysia Government as A MP why ? At present UMNO and BN are Opposition Party in Paliment as a MP of both Party , He or She can transfer Millons of dollars out of Malaysia to buy House And if he or she commit a crime still can be a MP , What the people of Malaysia want is to see and hear Najib tell the truth , if Najib keep quiet then Dr Mahathir will have headache to run as PM