Understanding the Sunni-Shia issue

Understanding the Sunni-Shia issue

Free Malaysia Today - South East Asia·2019-09-12 09:55

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Of late, arrests have been made in raids against Shia Muslims in a few states. The non-Muslims in the country may not be well-informed as to why there is a vendetta between Sunnis and Shias when both claim to be Muslim.


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heritage1111 12/09/2019

imagine a world without religion... how peaceful will our lives be..


General X 12/09/2019

This started with some family feud of who is the rightful successor that divided the 2 groups.


GInger Buzz 12/09/2019

I prefer the middle one "I am sushi !" YUMMY ! 👍😁😋🍣


The Truth reply GInger Buzz 14/09/2019

Oh yes👌forget abt the 2 tasteless garbage🤣🤣