Report: India issues another warrant against Dr Zakir Naik

Report: India issues another warrant against Dr Zakir Naik

Yahoo - Malaysia·2019-09-18 23:37

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Dr Zakir Naik last visited India in 2016, where he is wanted for money laundering and inciting extremism through hate speeches.— Reuters pic


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kyt 20/09/2019

Another bogeyman of mahathir. He likes to keep him in the country so that he can use in the very near future.


Userenr1 19/09/2019

He’s a good weapon against Chinese n the non believers....


General X 19/09/2019

India's warrant are like throwing marshmallow at this dude. Do what the NKorean fat dude has done to his half brother, short and sharp and happen in the same country.


The Truth 19/09/2019

Let’s c wat Mahathir has to say now!!His rule of law is not working that’s why there are still culprits who are supposed to be convicted are still out challenging his law🤣🤣🤣during the elections they used Aktantuya,The missing pastor,Kevin Morais and many more but now all seem to be silent🤣worst still wen the new IGP boldly said that Jho Low will be arrested soon but till now can’t even smell his ass😬


y88 19/09/2019

send this prick back to where his from