More Papuan students return home over safety concerns

More Papuan students return home over safety concerns

The Jakarta Post-News·2019-09-21 13:43

The Papua provincial administration says an increasing number of Papuan students have been returning to their hometowns from their places of study outside the province over the past few weeks, with many of them citing safety concerns as the reason for their exodus. As of Monday, 2,047 Papuan students had gone back to the province from various cities elsewhere in Indonesia where they had been living to study, according to a statement on the Papua provincial administration’s official website, Most of the students, the statement claimed, said they decided to return home because they felt uncomfortable being monitored by security officers in the towns where they were living. Yun Tabuni, a student majoring in Indonesian literature in Manado State University, North Sulawesi, said he chose to go back to Papua because he felt insecure living in a dormitory with other ...


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