No guarantees after I go, Dr M on Malaysia's future

No guarantees after I go, Dr M on Malaysia's future

Malaysiakini - News·2019-09-26 23:49

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad spent Thursday morning regaling the  American Foreign Relations Council with tales of his many triumphs and challenges while emphasising that there were no guarantees for success no matter what he does.

“I thought that when I stepped down in 2003, I had left the country on the way to achieving its target. The economy was good, the politics was okay, machinery was doing well and there was stability.


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kyt 01/10/2019

What he actually mean is Anwar is not capable and wants Malaysian to made him stay. Sly,crafty dirty old man. Yes, indeed Singapore love him cos with him we need to strive harder and learn from his unending demands and difficulties he put on us. That's why Malaysia is Malaysia today....far far behind Singapore. Look at the exchange rate, singapore airline, and many many things that they are lagging. Just compare johor now n 20 years ago... nothing change or improvement. It's not the people's fault but their goverment.


lee haron 28/09/2019

please go quickly la! Less headache for us.


Tan Kenny 27/09/2019

During when he was Pm wat he do now than I must ...... c per Jia lar


heritage1111 27/09/2019

but it is a guarantee you will failed malaysia but spore loves you