Hiding in plain sight: Is Jho Low back in LA?

Hiding in plain sight: Is Jho Low back in LA?

Malay Mail - Malaysia·2019-09-29 10:04

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Malaysian police have said they have pinpointed Low's location and hope to bring him back by the end of the year. — Picture via Facebook


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Jardine water 04/10/2019

he at KL there disco la


B.C 03/10/2019

How can he be in the US as he is wanted over there.


Watching U 02/10/2019

having local bak kut teh ..


M.S. 30/09/2019

The typical tricks "Mata lai liao!!!" Sirens loud loud can be heard 4 streets away. And choose the most busy road to ensure their safe entry to a empty den. Brovo!!!


Teobehpio 29/09/2019

The only way Jho Low will be back to MALAYSIA only Najib tell the truth if Najib keep quiet None of them can detained him include Dr Mahathir this is the case every Malaysia People know So wait until Najib win the 15 Election then he will tell you the truth