Yoursay: Mahathir has become New Malaysia’s dilemma

Yoursay: Mahathir has become New Malaysia’s dilemma

Malaysiakini - News·2019-10-04 15:02

YOURSAY | ‘As far as his track record in choosing his successor goes, his failure rate is 100 percent.’

No guarantees after I go, Dr M on Malaysia's future

Otak Otak: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you are the reason why Malaysia has landed in such a dilemma – a country that is weak in everything but exceptionally strong in corruption and racism, where you are still actively championing it.


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Tan Raymond 07/10/2019

mahathir is an old cunning fox never change


garychanfh 06/10/2019

Well say


Easy 05/10/2019

He tells Carrie Lam to step down but conveniently forgets that he has to step down by mid 2020. Stop medelling in other country's affair please.


spongebob 04/10/2019

the problem with this racist is tt he can't bear to let go of his power. if he dies suddenly which is possible due to old malaysia will be turned upside down. d world has changed n he is still marketing raced based policies. how pathetic malaysia has all d brains but only uses d useless ones