My prime minister and disappointments after Malay congress

My prime minister and disappointments after Malay congress

Free Malaysia Today - South East Asia·2019-10-08 10:02

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The prime minister should have been more cautious and sensitive to all Malaysians when he spoke at the Malay Dignity Congress two days ago, given the fact that in the last election, Malaysians regardless of race and religion voted for Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Pakatan Harapan in the fervent hope of a New Malaysia free from racism and corruption.


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Tan Raymond 12/10/2019

mahathir is too old to be your PM, he is a muddleheaded person, forgetting that who has voted for his party to win the GE. tell him to step down right away and made some sense in talking.


Wong Tuck Seng 09/10/2019

He holds the ultimate power. Who can questioned what he said. Even the next on line had to give way to him.


Tired 09/10/2019

Malays in general are lazy and in comparisons with Chinese are seriously lazy. I am mixed Malay and have no Chinese blood... a spade is a spade


BTB reply Tired 09/10/2019

sorry, who said malays lazy. Dr M, 94 still fighting for the people. Chinese ha ha only hope to retire early .... everyday complaint....


Usere2e5 reply BTB 10/10/2019

Dr M is one in a billion