Yoursay: Are there no level-headed moderate Malays?

Yoursay: Are there no level-headed moderate Malays?

Malaysiakini - News·2019-10-14 15:04

YOURSAY | 'If you are a Malay and you are reading this comment, I pray that you will speak out…'

Malay-only top posts among thorny demands at Malay congress

I_M_Malaysian: I pray that the majority of Malays do not think like those at the Malay Dignity Congress. I pray that the majority of Malaysians will embrace diversity.


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Userfdqz 16/10/2019

When Malays lives and/or a citizen of China, India, Thailand; do you think that they will get equal rights? Lets hope so. Coz humanity should not be based on race, religious or faith. Unfortunately, China, India and Thailand does not believe in this. Especially China and India where any other religions other than Buddhism and Hinduism were being oppressed and persecuted. Luckily, Malaysia does not do that. They allow others to practise the faith freely, without persecution. Malays, Chinese and Indians have been living in peace and harmony. Some even, intermarried and produce offsprings of various ethnic mix. Tell me now, is Malaysia that bad in managing its citizens other than Malays?


heritage1111 14/10/2019

let them be so that her neighbours can prosper faster.. haha