70% of M’sian Muslim women okay with men practising polygamy but not their own husbands

70% of M’sian Muslim women okay with men practising polygamy but not their own husbands

Mothership - Perspectives·2019-10-16 18:06

Some 70 per cent of Muslim women in Malaysia are agreeable with men practising polygamy.

However, only 32 per cent are agreeable to polygamy within their own marriage.

These were the results found in a survey conducted by Malaysian civil society organisation Sisters in Islam (SIS), .


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Kwok Hing Yuen 21/10/2019

Marriage couples should respect one another


Usereg4f 20/10/2019

come on people. dont follow instructions blindly. you have rights over your husband just like they have on you. read and understand the instructions first. dont follow blindly.


WileySmiley 19/10/2019

obedient blindly ? not fair for women. what era is it now ? still in stone age ?


Bunga mawar 19/10/2019



Minime 18/10/2019

I do think beating up your wife is appropriate because you can always tell them nicely. You wouldn’t want your wife to beat you up as well. How would you feel when your wife tells you that she wants another husband because you are impotent/not good in bed/hopeless? So before you marry another lady, discuss with your wife in what she is lacking. No one is perfect so polygamy should not happen. When you marry another lady, you have lost the trust in your wife. It is just an excuse for the man to enjoy something new instead of having the same pleasure every day. What ever the lady have is the same as your wife. Maybe size and shape.